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SCA's Services
SCA’s services are designed to solve problems for entrepreneurs. It’s constantly innovating to find new ways to bring value to its clients. As you browse through the range of services SCA can offer you would discover how SCA could help your business maximize its wealth potential.
  • Statutory Audits of Companies under Indian Companies Act 2013.
  • Internal Audits ofCompanies
  • Audits of Banks under the (Indian) Banking Regulation Act, 1949
  • Concurrent Audits of Banks as per the requirement of the Reserve Bank ofIndia.
  • Stocks and Assets Verification
  • Special Investigation / ForensicAudit
  • Special assignments for Banks, RBI, SEBI and Others as per theirrequirements.
  • Tax Audits under the Income Tax Act, 1961
  • Information SystemsAudit
  • Prevention and Detection of ComputerCrimes
  • Income Tax Consultancy Work including guidance for proper tax planningand representing clients before taxauthorities.
  • Special under section 142(2A) of Income Tax Act 1961
  • Investigation into specialized/routine operations of Banks/FinancialInstitutions.
  • Compliance with Company LawRegulations
  • Due DiligenceReporting
  • Preparation and evaluation ofFinancials/Projections
  • Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions,Restructuring
  • Providing indirect tax services like Goods & Service Taxetc.
  • Risk Management AdvisoryServices
  • Financial Advisory Services to Lenders
  • Preparation of Accounting / Auditing Manuals, Management InformationSystem
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